Do you Feel Icky Talking About Your Prices? - Pricing Part 2

Do you Feel Icky Talking About Your Prices? 

Pricing Part 2

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Pricing and Productivity - Part 2

Does talking about your pricing make you feel too 'salesy'?

I totally get this one. If we are discussing money then we must be looking for a sale, and that makes us feel uncomfortable.

If we don't feel very confident asking for what we are worth, then we tend to lower our prices to something which doesn't make us squirm quite so much.

How do you think about selling your services in a different way so you don't feel salesy, pushy or rude?

Let's take a look at how a normal conversation with a potential client usually goes.......

You have a chat over the phone or in person about what you can offer, how your service, package or programme works and what they can expect from you. You then end with..."my price is £XXX.00". At this point, the potential client either says yes, no or I will think about it (or similar variations of these).

How can we turn this around in a way that takes the conversation away from what they get from you and more towards what they can achieve from hiring you?

The trick here is to highlight the benefits. So for example....

Will working with you result in making more money or saving money?

Let's take a look at my business as an example here. The VA side of my business provides service support to business owners, the work I do for them then free's up their time. This newly available time can be used to bring in more business or make more sales.

So, if I take on a task which frees up two hours of my clients time and I charge £10 (this is just an example and not my actual rates) an hour for that work, that's a total of £20. Now if my client then sells those two hours of available time but charges £50 an hour for the service he/she provides, that's 5 times to cost of hiring me.

Instead of talking about the cost of hiring me as a VA for two hours, I am instead highlighting the cost of not hiring me.

It doesn't matter what type of service or product you provide, you just need to find a way to demonstrate the cost of not working with you or purchasing from you.

Here's another example of the benefits......

Will working with you result in feeling healthier or having more energy?

The service you sell could be a health and fitness programme or life coaching.  Working with you in this way could result in losing weight and feeling more confident which in turn could make it easier for them to pursue their goals and ambitions. Or maybe life coaching has helped your client recover from depression or anxiety, giving them back their freedom to work on new projects and try new things.

It's all about painting the picture of what working with you will help them to achieve.

Try thinking about the conversation the other way around and ask yourself

  • 'what do I need to hear to say yes to working with someone like me?'
  • 'what can I achieve?'
  • 'what would I lose out on if I didn't say yes?'

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential client or customer and show them the true value of hiring you to work with them.

Sarah x

Pricing and Productivity - Part 2 - Do you Feel Icky Talking About Your Prices