How to Discuss Your Rates with Confidence - Part 5

How to Discuss Your Rates with Confidence

Part 5

Productivity and Pricing - How to discuss your rates with confidence

For a lot of business owners, money talk is the worst kind of talk. If this is something that makes your mouth dry or your hands sweat, then you're not alone. Most of us have difficulty talking about money, especially when it comes to the price of our own work......i.e. our value and worth. Yikes, it's a tough one.

At the end of the day, however, money is a part of business and to have a successful business you need to be able to talk about the money.

I used to really hate talking about money. I would avoid discussing my fees or my rates where possible. I would totally freak out if I said my price out loud and someone hesitated to reply or reacted like I'd said a rude word.

So how do you deal with the question 'what do you charge?'

Practice your answer

All you do for this is say it out loud and with confidence. Once you're used to saying the words, talking about your rates will be a breeze.

Smile when you talk about money

Do this even if you talking on the phone because the tone you use to speak with changes when you smile. Smiling will also help you sound more confident and professional too.

Don't get all wishy-washy

I don't know about you, but wishy-washy is my default setting if I'm uncomfortable talking about something. A wishy-washy discussion about your rates would start something like....

“Well, normally I charge…”
 “Actually, my rates are…”
 “Do you think that £XX.00 will work for you?”

None of these sound very confident, do they?

Don't try to fill the silence

When we talk about pricing, and we experience a gap in the conversation, it's usually because the potential client is having a think about it. However, as we're only human, we get the urge to fill those silences with excuses or we start to justify our prices. Give your potential client time to respond and don't drop your prices while they're thinking things through.

Sarah x

Productivity and Pricing - How to Discuss Your Rates with Confidence